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Dynamic Fare Pricing and Advanced Merchandising - How LCCs Can Tackle Declining Yields

By | on 31, Jul 2019 |   Airline Merchandising Dynamic Pricing for Airlines

As air travel has become increasingly commoditized, airline yields have undergone an inexorable decline. To counter this trend, Airlines have unbundled the fare to offer a plethora of ancillary produc[...]

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Watch: Dynamic Pricing in Action

By | on 07, Jun 2018 |   Dynamic Pricing for Airlines air pricing

Watch this short video (2 mins 32 seconds) to see the dynamic pricing capabilities of the FLX Airline Commerce Gateway. You'll discover how your airline can optimize the offer based on data inputs, re[...]

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Dynamic Pricing: Is this the biggest ever revenue transformation opportunity for air commerce?

By | on 15, Mar 2018 |   Dynamic Pricing for Airlines

  With commentary from Karl Isler, Karl Isler Consulting

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Air Shopping and Pricing - What's Going On?

By | on 16, Nov 2017 |   Dynamic Pricing for Airlines The Airline Offer

A Note on Native Complexity The shopping request is for the 100 cheapest fares from a search of 50 inbound and 50 outbound flights. The search involves 2500 flight combinations, which require 600,000 [...]

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Dynamic Pricing for Revenue Management: What's Going On?

By | on 09, Oct 2017 |   Airline Merchandising Dynamic Pricing for Airlines

  In this article we examine the importance of dynamic pricing for airline revenue management, what it takes for airlines to engage in dynamic pricing, and introduce the new generation pricing engine [...]

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Is it the end of the PSS as we know it?

By | on 03, Oct 2017 |   Dynamic Pricing for Airlines Airline Distribution

Our answer is ‘yes’. At the recent Farelogix “Controlling Your Offer” pre-conference workshop at the Aviation Festival in London, Henry Harteveldt referenced a great movie, Hidden Figures. It’s a poig[...]

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