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Download:  Are Asia’s Flag Carriers really behind the curve in airline retailing?

For some time, industry observers have contended that airline retailing in Asia is lagging behind other markets, such as the US and Europe, where many Full-Service Carriers (FSCs) have unbundled their fares and are reaping gains through ancillary merchandising. With eight out of 11 Skytrax five-star airlines based in Asia, is airline retailing here really behind the curve?

Shouldn’t we see the superior customer experience and brand offering as a strategic advantage and not something that should be unbundled? Moreover, what are the unique airline retailing opportunities for Asian Flag Carriers?

Having lived and worked in Asia for more than a decade, I will shed some light on the topic and share my take on airline retailing in Asia in this paper.

Download "It’s all about the customer: Are Asia’s Flag Carriers really behind the curve in airline retailing?" to learn about:

  • The unique market dynamics of the region
  • The strategic value of the all-inclusive fare in Asia
  • The retailing opportunity for Asian Full-Service Carriers.



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