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Download:  Airline Retailing - The Roadmap to Revenue

The objective of any technology purchase is to deliver a return on investment (ROI), be it revenue gains, operational performance, or even customer value. This imperative also applies to an investment in new generation offer engines. If you are thinking of making, or have made such a purchase, I have prepared the ‘Airline Retailing - The Roadmap to Revenue’ paper. In it, you’ll find some useful advice on how to get started, how to leverage a ‘test and learn’ mentality, and how to accelerate revenue returns with retailing technology.

Download 'Airline Retailing - The Roadmap to Revenue' to learn how to:

• Develop an end-to-end platform approach
• Get started with new-generation offer engines
• Accelerate retailing ROI

To add some color, I have included some specific merchandising references; however, these steps could be applied to onboarding any offer engine in the retailing discipline.



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