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Airlines: A Path Back to Profitability

By | on 06, Apr 2021 |   Travel Industry

The Air Transformation Lab set out to uncover the DNA of a profitable future for airline commerce and to include your airline voice at the center of the new thinking and technology to make it happen. [...]

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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 05: Change Maker with Bill Cavendish

By | on 24, Mar 2021 |   Travel Industry Airline voice

Airline 'titan of transformation', Bill Cavendish, recently joined the Global Business Development team at Accelya from Emirates Airlines. There, as Vice President, Distribution Strategy, he was respo[...]

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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 04: Airline Content Made Easy, with Steve Domin

By | on 03, Mar 2021 |   Travel Industry Airline voice

In an industry challenged by layers of complexity, bringing a fresh perspective to the table can reshape the distribution landscape as we know it. As the new kids on the block, Duffel is on a path to [...]

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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 03: Trailblazing Transformation with George Bryan

By | on 16, Feb 2021 |   Travel Industry Airline voice

In challenging times, leaders follow their North Star no matter how daunting the journey ahead.  The path to airline profitability demands transformation, and to succeed, airlines need innovative thin[...]

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7 Attributes to Look for in Your Perfect NDC API Partner

By | on 11, Jan 2021 |   NDC New Distribution Capability

NDC was gaining traction before the pandemic, and now that the industry is recovering, it is firmly on airlines’ priority list. The current situation has grown the appetite for airline-controlled offe[...]

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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 02: Corporate Travel and Collaboration, with Tony D'Astolfo

By | on 17, Dec 2020 |   Travel Industry Airline voice

In the previous episode of Airline Voice Radio, special guest Xavier Lagardere, Head of Distribution at Lufthansa Group, caught up with Jim Davidson to chat about Continuous Pricing. But, the conversa[...]

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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 01: Continuous Pricing and Leadership with Xavier Lagardere

By | on 09, Dec 2020 |   Travel Industry Airline voice

The Air Transformation Lab reaches another milestone with the launch of a new podcast series. Airline Voice Radio connects the industry through the airwaves interviewing outspoken thought leaders on b[...]

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Retailing Transformation – Why ONE Order is More Relevant Than Ever

By | on 26, Nov 2020 |   Airline retailing ONE Order

Typically held in the heart of London, this year's T2RL PSS 2020 conference took place virtually on 4 - 5 November. At the event, I had the honor of representing Farelogix, now joined with Accelya, on[...]

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Air Transformation Lab: Learnings from the Lab

By | on 05, Nov 2020 |   Travel Industry Airline voice

The COVID-crisis has uncovered a need for airlines to change, and fast. There is an upside to this new imperative. There has never been a more necessary time for far-reaching transformation in our ind[...]

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Customer, Content & COVID

By | on 27, Oct 2020 |   Customer COVID

You all must be wondering about the title of this article. What is the relationship between Customer, Content, and COVID? I recently listened to CNBC, when Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, announced a major[...]

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