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Fringe of the Final Frontier: United Airlines and American Airlines Drive Corporate Market Innovation

In the early days of NDC, Farelogix had a vision. We foresaw that airlines would control their air and ancillary offers across all channels, bringing the innovation often seen on airline.com into the world of travel agents and business travel. Heck, we were excited!

Our marketing team sent me to events all around the world to evangelize a brave new world that would mean better choice and value for all. To underscore the point, I would show up to business travel events and attend focus groups armed with paper bags and poker chips, each chip representing a different choice, and would ask corporate travel managers “what’s in your bundle”? The point I was making was that with NDC, business travel executives would have the power to select the best value products and bundles for their customers and negotiate unique deals with their airline partners.

Well, that was in 2013, so corporate booking was clearly on a much slower trajectory than I had anticipated, but that is the nature of our industry.

You can imagine my delight when I read in The Company Dime, that United Airlines and American Airlines have both launched programs to serve corporate customers with customized bundles via NDC. Although we are at the early stages of NDC-enabled innovation for business travel, it sure looks like NDC has reached the fringes of the “final frontier.”


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