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Farelogix Supports IATA Hackathon in Madrid

There is always a buzz in the air. After all, the lack of sleep, consumption of coffee and energy drinks, along with the potential for prizes and prestige from building a winning technology solution from scratch warrants such a level of excitement. Everyone’s nerves might even be a bit on edge. Through it all, the clock continues to count down to certain glory or a shot at getting better. This is the experience many ambitious coders and developers encounter when they attend a hackathon.

Though it has been a while since the term was coined in 19991, hackathons have continued to grow in popularity. Hackathons' ability to spur innovation and enhance existing platforms and applications underpins their success. Hackathons also provide a chance for industry experts and developers to come together and learn from one another through interactive workshops, guest speakers, and networking.

July 21-23, 2019, IATA hosted the 12th competitive edition of its industry-renown IATA Hackathon. The event was held in Madrid, Spain and brought together several of the world’s leading airline and travel technology personalities to judge presentations from 19 eager teams. The theme for the NDC challenge was Corporate Booking Tools using Airline NDC APIs.

At the IATA Hackathon, the participant teams raced around the clock to create and refine their projects before presenting to the judging panel, which consisted of airline, NDC, and travel industry experts. These judges awarded hackathon winners USD 14,000 in prize money plus incubation pledges. Farelogix engineers participated in the event to support IATA Hackathon developers working with the American Airlines NDC API, which is provided by Farelogix.

“Hackathons are important forums for risk-takers to provide new ideas to advance NDC,” said Fabio Almeida, Farelogix senior support engineer, and IATA hackathon veteran. “These types of events demonstrate the quick and innovative solutions that IT and airline companies can create to improve the overall experience of airlines and end-users,” Almeida added.

Hackathon participants also had the opportunity to work with other NDC APIs, including those of Iberia, Duffel, British Airways, United Airlines, SunExpress, and NDC Exchange.

Farelogix is proud to support our airline customers by joining in such events as IATA Hackathons at our customers’ request.

For a look at the winners, please visit IATA Hackathon. For information about IATA’s upcoming hackathons, please visit: https://airtechzone.iata.org/hackathons/.


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