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New FLX NDC-Dash Gives Airlines Critical Insights into their NDC Programs

For airlines that have implemented an NDC strategy, having insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of the program is essential. To answer many of the key questions that our airline customers have about their NDC programs, we have launched FLX NDC-Dash.

NDC-Dash features an analytics dashboard that provides airlines with access to technical and performance data that can be used to guide strategic decisions about their NDC programs. In addition to enabling ad hoc reporting and interactive drill down analysis of data from a standard set of dashboards, included with NDC-Dash are also four core reports that highlight how an airline’s NDC API is being used. These reports provide insights on channel partner activity, ancillary sales, ticket performance, and look-to-book ratios. With NDC-Dash, airline executives can spot patterns, trends, and anomalies faster; easily identify their best performing channels; and see which partners are meeting their targets.

For more information on NDC-Dash, read the press release here or learn about the Farelogix Open Connect and NDC API solution here.

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