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© adrian_ilie825 –

Location, location, location. It’s the phrase we all know when buying or selling property.  Well in the game of online selling it’s all about the User Experience, or UX.  In our world, the reality is very few people make the physical trip down to the local travel agency to buy travel.  Take me for example, with the exception of the occasional trip to the grocery store (a bit obsessive about picking my own fruits and veggies), I avoid physical shopping at all costs.  Initially, I thought it was because I was suffering from a touch of agoraphobia, but after a few visits to my head doctor, I realized what I fear most about physical shopping is the actual experience.  The driving to/from (I tell my family it’s an environmental issue, but I drive an SUV), the waiting for the person ahead of me to finish writing a “check” (what the heck is that?), the putting stuff in bags and carrying it (I can’t tell you how many times I leave perishable groceries in the car, and remember I live in Miami)—it’s just all too much!

Generally I know what I want or need.  I am more functional than status-conscience, so for me the User Experience is pretty much everything.  So most of my purchasing is done via Amazon.  I love Prime and even pay the extra $3.99 to get it delivered the very next day just to satisfy my need for instant gratification. Waiting two days is not the experience I am looking for. I have a choice and believe I am in control, which is what the User Experience is all about.  Take it from me when I say never underestimate the power of consumer choice! Read the rest of this entry »