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doorLockHello. My name is Jim, and I have a fascination with airplane toilets. I know this sounds really strange… and more than a little odd… and a little gross, but as someone who has spent the last few decades flying, the things you see involving airplane bathrooms really make you think. My fascination is not over the mechanics or operation of these toilets. Nor is it a fascination with actually using them, because I generally try to avoid usage as much as possible. No, my real fascination is over how long it takes people to use the airplane toilet. All those years of flying all over the world on a variety of airlines has given me the opportunity to extensively, albeit informally, study passenger behaviors when it comes to the utilization of the airplane toilet, and I thought “what better thing to share with everyone on a Friday?”

Without doubt, I have identified one universal truth when it comes to the usage of the famed airplane toilet: At altitudes above 25,000 feet, it takes people of all ages, nationalities, race, and religious affiliation, on average, 83% longer to go to the bathroom than on land.  Shocking, I know, but true.

The results of my study will amaze and astound you, and hopefully it will shed some light on why you find yourself waiting outside the bathroom for what seems like an eternity. So here’s the breakdown of what’s going on as you patently wait in line… Read the rest of this entry »