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I always love going to the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) conference. This year it was held in beautiful Boston. What I really enjoy about GBTA is how low key it has become, including a line up of lesser known guest speakers (one named Bush and the other named Clinton), a smattering of attendees (including the top brass from every TMC you could name), airline execs from around the world, heavy hitters from technology, hotel, and car rental companies, some network news faces, and, of course, the stars of the show—corporate travel managers from some of the largest most innovative companies in the world. All gather to address one thing–The Management of Corporate Travel.

So once again the folks from GBTA pulled off a winner.

But that winner is not the subject of this blog. The winner I am referring to is a new and innovative Open Booking concept that started to pick up some momentum a few months before GBTA with the likes of Shorts Travel, Concur, The Manifesto, GDSx, ProcureApp, US Foods, and KDS. In Boston, the concept wafted throughout the conference, almost to the point of creating a buzz. In the days following the event, it has received even more endorsement from a number of vendors and brought on new adopters like Google and Read the rest of this entry »