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With airline ancillary revenue expected to top $40 billion this year, it can mean the difference between profit and loss for many airlines. Generating this revenue isn’t about simply charging fees for services, but rather it’s about engaging with customers to deliver timely and relevant offers that bring added value to their trips. Delivering products and services travelers appreciate—not to mention, actually pay money for—will not only bring an airline more revenue, but it will also bear happier customers.

This strategy of More Revenue Happy Customers is new to airlines, especially when considering that for years the airline offer consisted only of a system of schedules and fares. But this new way of doing things will be essential in defining an airline and the way it does business. Put simply, it’s time to evolve the airline DNA.


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We’re happy to premiere a new video with a very simple, age-old concept: More Revenue Happy Customer. The concept is nothing new, but when it comes to airline distribution, sometimes it’s a concept we’ve struggled finding the right balance for.

Without further ado… Enjoy!


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