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Bobblehead travels a lot. And sometimes with a lot of stuff. So he uses to find out his checked baggages and fees before he gets to the airport.

Take a look…

As you may know, Direct Connects are our bread and butter at Farelogix, so even I am a little surprised that we’ve ventured into the consumer space with iflybags. But we saw the consumer concern and confusion over checked baggage fees and allowances and, as a technology company, figured the best solution to the problem was technological innovation. We found a “quick-to-market” solution by leveraging and enhancing our FMS2 Airline Merchandising Engine, and ten weeks later went live. It’s amazing what an idea and a team of extremely talented developers can do.

Check out and be sure to lets us know what you think. We always welcome feedback. And keep an eye out for the iflybags iPhone app, which should be out in six weeks or so.

Press release below…

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