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Ho-Ho-Holy Cow, it’s the end of another year again, and what a year it has been!  Farelogix has had its best year ever while building on and advancing the merchandising and distribution goals of the largest airlines in the world and bringing on new airline customers from all parts of the world! We’ve also been recruiting and hiring some of the best talent imaginable from around the world to join the Farelogix family. Like I said, what a year!

But it’s more than just us, our customers, and our partners, that makes this time of year special.  It’s about the connections that have been made, friendships that have developed, opportunities realized, challenges overcome, and even those mistakes we all make being mended with grace.  What a year!

As we at Farelogix look ahead, we see very bright things, full of new opportunities to showcase our products, full of growth for our company and customers, and full of respect for the challenges that come with growth.

Our optimism spreads to the entire airline and distribution industry, where airlines are now focusing on “customer engagement,” rather than just schedules and fares.  Where consumers are “choosing” not just their flight, but the experience they desire.  And where technology is promising personalization and flair.  Do I dare say that air travel can once again be filled with stories of pleasure, relaxation, and the occasional surprise?

2013 was a great year for us, and we hope it was for you, too. And here’s to 2014 being even better!

Happy Holidays from Farelogix!