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The airlines have finally done it to us. Charging us $450 for a bag? What an outrage!

But we should be clear. The $450 is for a bag weighing 71-100 pounds on flights from the US to Asia. It’s not $450 for a 25-pound bag going from Scottsdale to Denver.

© Frank Gärtner

Then I got to thinking: 71-100 pounds is an awful lot of pounds. How much would something like that cost to ship via FedEx or UPS?

Well, let me tell you what I found. FedEx, for a 75-pound package going from Miami to Tokyo, charges $560. And that’s if you want it there in four days. If you want it there in two, you’ll be shelling out $675.


UPS charges $558 for four days and $672 for two. DHL charges $610 for two days. That’s a little better.

Now, for 100 pounds it costs $845 for two-day delivery with FedEx.

What does this all mean? Well, it seems you’d save AT LEAST $150 by checking the package on the plane. And it arrives when you do, not four days later (more if you count weekend days).

So I think we should either A) thank the airlines for saving us money by checking our exceedingly heavy bag to Tokyo, or B) be outraged at FedEx for charging so much for exceedingly heavy packages!

I’d say option B, but that is absolutely ridiculous.