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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Direct Connect debate continues to heat up. Bobblehead hasn’t been living under a rock, he’s just been… out of the country. But with all the hoopla surrounding Direct Connect, and some of the questions GDSs are telling their agencies to ask the airlines, I figured it’d be a good time to recall our bobbly buddy to lay some Direct Connect answers on you.


Ask the Question 12

GDSs and their coalitions worked so hard building the story to tell the world how airlines are deceiving consumers with hidden fees, and that airline direct connect will create a huge lack of transparency. Well, turns out the ones really biasing information and avoiding transparency may be, according to the DOT, the GDSs and some OTAs themselves. Ask the Question!

The only true deception going on is that being fostered by the GDS and their sponsored coalitions and lobbyists as they attempt to protect their anti-competitive, high-cost GDS business model. Rather than being transparent about this self-serving objective, there is a massive PR campaign designed to deceive the public into believing that direct connects will hurt the consumer and the travel agency. Come on — are you kidding me? Ask the Question!

The Air Canada and American Airlines direct connects use the same technology and the same XML standards from Open AXIS Group. So why does Travelport claim one is an “industry first” and the other “material inferior?” Ask the Question!

The Question that somebody needs to ask is — who are Travelport and Sabre really trying to “protect” by these actions? The Consumer, The Travel Agency, or Themselves? Really….Ask the Question!

Why are airlines and travel agencies unhappy with the state of travel distribution? Ask the Question!

We’re right in the middle of a firestorm around airline merchandising and ancillary fees, yet who’s mad as hell at their best customers? Ask the Question!