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FLX Ancillary AwardGuess what? Our friends at United Airlines nominated the FLX Merchandise product in the Airline Information 2014 Mega Event Awards for Innovation of the Year – and we won! This is news our entire company is thankful for as we head into the holiday season!

We were nominated in the Ancillary Revenue and Merchandising category based on United’s cross-channel use of our Farelogix FLX Merchandise product. United set the stage for us to win by highlighting how we’ve helped them achieve their lofty goal of increasing ancillary revenue by 11% per passenger in Q3 2014, and generating revenues of $3 billion in 2014 from ancillary sales of a variety of products and services, including Economy Plus seats, priority boarding, bags, and various subscriptions.

United hosts the FLX Merchandise product and has integrated it directly into their technology stack. This allows them to quickly and efficiently update product pricing, add new products and services, and continuously optimize their offers. FLX Merchandise also generates offers for United’s Economy Plus seats across channels including through the GDS, allowing travel management partners and travel agencies to seamlessly book extra legroom seats.

United Airlines is an exceptional user of our FLX Merchandise product, and without the support and continued involvement of their merchandising and commerce teams, Farelogix would have not received this award.

While winning this award is great for Farelogix, it also makes a significant statement to all airlines as to the benefits that a flexible, airline-controlled, and easy-to-use merchandising engine like FLX Merchandise can deliver to their organization.

For those of you that don’t already know this, FLX Merchandise is a state-of-the-art, cross-channel merchandising solution that puts control over products, offers, and rules in the hands of the airline. From á la carte merchandising to dynamically packaging ancillary services, FLX Merchandise includes features for product and offer creation and customization, and a fully integrated baggage pricing engine. FLX Merchandise enables airlines to employ and maintain a single merchandising solution across multiple distribution outlets.

For those airlines that are limited by hard-coded solutions or budget, or simply want to “try out” merchandising, we also offer FLX Merchandise-Xpress, a low-risk, high-opportunity solution for airline e-commerce that delivers airline-controlled merchandising as a service (SaaS/Cloud Model) by using a ‘lite’ version of FLX Merchandise.

Thanks United for the nomination. It’s very much appreciated. I just hope we can keep our heads out of the clouds!